How to Water a Jade Plant: An Easy Guide

If you have a jade plant that is looking dry and unhappy, then it could be because the roots are not getting enough water. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to fix this problem. Read on for some easy instructions on how to water a jade plant.

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When to Water A Jade Plant?

It’s important for you to know how often your specific type of houseplant should be watered and under which conditions. The great thing about jades is that they are pretty low-maintenance plants. For most varieties, it only takes one watering every few weeks.

How often your plant needs water also depends on the type of pot it’s in, and whether or not it is being kept indoors or outside. Clay pots tend to dry out more quickly than plastic ones so make sure to check them frequently for signs of wilting leaves.

Jade plants are typically pretty resistant to these symptoms because they’re used to drier climates so it’s not as important for them but you should still keep a close eye on them just in case.

If your jade is staying indoors, then you don’t need to water it as often because the air is drier. Outdoors plants will need more frequent watering, but keep in mind that they’ll also be exposed to rain and other weather conditions which can actually help make them healthier.

How Much Do You Water Jade Succulents?

It’s easy to know if you’re watering your jade plant enough because the leaves will be a healthy green color. However, leave it for at least one day after you’ve watered before measuring. This is important so that any excess water can dry off and not damage the roots of your plant.

The general rule of thumb is that you should water your plant until the soil feels moist. If it’s in a pot, then this would mean about halfway up the sides of that pot. It can help if you use your fingers to feel for moisture instead of just sticking with seeing how far down the soil has been wet.

How often to water in the Winter?

In the winter, it just might be necessary to water at least twice a month or even once every two weeks. Unlike other seasons where you have to worry about your plant getting too much sun exposure, in the winter they’re at risk for not having enough sunlight. All of these factors can affect how often you need to water, but as long as it’s in a sunny spot and you’re not overwatering, your plant should be okay.

How often to water in the Summer?

During the summer, you’ll probably only need to water once every few weeks. This might sound like a lot, but succulents need to have less water in the summer because it’s hotter and the sunlight is more intense. The best thing you can do for your plant makes sure that they’re not sitting directly on the ground or in full sun all day long.

What if I Forget to Water My Jade Plant?

If your plant is wilting or drooping, there are some things that may happen. The leaves will eventually get brown spots on them which can cause the entire plant to die if left unchecked.

You may also notice that the plant’s color will start to change. This is a sign of nutrient deficiencies and poor air circulation so you should water your jade as quickly as possible.

The best way to prevent this from happening in the first place is the check for any signs of wilting or drooping leaves on a regular basis.

Avoid Over-watering

Since these plants are so low maintenance, it’s easy to forget how often they need water. When you do remember that your plant needs water, make sure not to over-water it. Too much water can have the same effect as under-watering and leave brown spots on leaves or even cause root rot.

I’m going on vacation, should I water my jade plant?

Jade plants are drought-tolerant succulents that can survive without water for weeks at a time. Unlike many other succulent varieties such as cacti, they don’t have any waxy or thick leaves that make them more water-resistant. This means they can’t store water and are much easier to kill from overwatering, so be careful.

However, many people like to give their jade plant a drink before leaving on vacation since the soil might dry out faster than usual during this time period. You can water it like you normally would, but don’t let the soil get too saturated or wet.

It’s best to water your jade plant right before you leave on vacation so that it doesn’t dry out during the time period.


It is important to water your jade plant properly. There are two different ways of watering- overwatering and underwatering, with both being fatal if not monitored closely. It’s best to keep a close eye on the soil so that it doesn’t dry out too much or get too wet.

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